Simulations For Businesses Wanting to Improve Their Reality
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Just as people differ in their preference and tolerance of foods, forms of exercise, and modes of entertainment, so do they differ in the way they learn. Of the seven preferred styles of learning, (such as reading, listening, etc.) the most universally effective is through experience. There are lots of simulations available, so how do you pick the right one? That's where we stand out from the crowd. Not only do we create materials, but we also reach out to the entire industry to bring to you the best; the most effective and appropriate match to your needs.


Boards and Committees are formed to resolve problems and guide organizations. They start out with enthusiasm, commitment to purpose and often with agreement. Over time, they often get stale, seem to meander from subject to subject, and unintentionally foster conflict. An expert facilitator can help your group regain focus and energy. Use a professional to guide your discussions, plan your retreats, and manage the various outside resources needed to reset your direction and catapult the group toward its future.


Conflict, though productive at times, is also huge drain on personal and organizational life. It saps resources of every kind: finances, time, productivity, thought, attention, creativity, and opportunity. Mediation is the best strategy for resolving differences prior to litigation and if the parties will need to interact following resolution, it can be effective in preserving relationships.

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  • a workforce that needs to understand your business, but can't sit still long enough to understand "boring" financial concepts?
  • executives who don't understand the financial statements as well as they should?
  • a sales force that needs to better understand the business of their customers?
  • a talented team that seems to be moving in different directions?
  • great managers and supervisors who just aren't leaders?
  • tension around differences in gender, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, or work styles?

How would you like to address these challenges without putting your people to sleep? HLC, L&D. facilitates fun, exciting simulations — real experiences — that entire companies, departments, or teams can engage in while learning proven concepts.


See how we take training from "ho hum" to exciting and lasting. We have facilitated these simulations in companies like WellPoint, Staples, Warner Bros., Ford Motor Company, FedEx Kinkos, and General Mills, to name a few.